About Académie EB

Passionate about esthetical care

Académie EB, is many passions blended together; like that of beauty, of aestheticism, the love of ones job and sharing knowledge. It is for these reasons that our team works everyday to offer you the best aesthetical non-invasive care that is designed to simply elevate your natural beauty, so that you may always feel good in your skin.

Dedicated to offer trainings in the highest of standards among the industry

Among the years, Académie EB has become leading point of reference in Montreal for permanent makeup and Microblading treatments; thanks to this notoriety and the many trainings that we have followed in Canada, Europe and in the united states has allowed us to develop courses that we may then offer to others passionate about this discipline the opportunity to learn things beyond their expectations.

Committed to the distribution of professional quality products

Wary of the quality used in permanent makeup and Microblading products, Académie EB offers and approves of a vast selection of machines, pigments and hygienic materials designed in the country and approved by Health Canada. Students of the academy may take advantage of favourable prices on their purchases.

Céline Nantel, Académie EB founder and primary instructor

Gradually developing in the industry since the age of 19, Céline Nantel fell in love with the multiple possibilities of working with permanent makeup. Combining her artistic and creative sides with her desire to become an entrepreneur, she founded Académie EB in 2011. Every week she continues to practice the art of permanent makeup and furthers her education, to then pass on her knowledge by way of courses that she has created. Devoted to the satisfaction of her students and clients, she is proud to use her ‘Signé Céline’ signature as a token of passion and excellence, values ??she built the Academy upon.

Céline Nantel